Splashbacks from Goolwa Glass

Overhead lit splashback
  •  Goolwa Glass can supply and install your Splashbacks
  •  Glass Splashbacks: are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom as they are durable, very stylish, and easy to keep looking great. They are easy to maintain because there are no grout lines, meaning that dirt, grease, oil, cannot settle into cracks. Simply wipe over after use and your splashback is back in perfect condition. They are also moisture resistant so are very suitable for wet areas. Glass splashbacks can even help to create a feeling of more light and space.
  • Our splashbacks are custom made using 6mm clear or superclear (lowiron) glass. Which is then painted a particular chosen colour from our Dulux Australian 2700 standards range. Or specifically colour matched at an extra cost to our Dulux specifier.
  • Goolwa Glass cut out all power point openings as needed, but no electrical or(blue pointing) is carried out by us due to Electrical safety standards.
  • Most work will take 2 -2.5 weeks from a payment of 30% deposit.

Kitchen cupboard splashbacks
  • Full colours are cheapest, followed by our metallic FX colour range. Custom colours incur an extra charge due to the extra time for us to cater for this and the wastage factor. We are also able to offer variable colour options.
  • Glass splashbacks are the best possible product due to the fact it is so easy to keep them clean. Just wipe withe a soapy sponge then wipe with a towellette or cloth.
  • We are limited to our maximum sheet sizes, this is governed by side cut outs, window ledges and sills and oven location and general wall smoothness. Our splashbacks are normally silicone fixed to the wall and silicone butt joined. Please ensure your walls are as smooth as possible as this will result in a better finish.
  • Click on image to view larger size.

Outdoor kitchen splashbacks

Reflective splashbacks

Extended full height splashback

Bathroom vanity splashback