Shower Screens - supplied, designed & fitted

Applications: Homes, Caravans, Motorhomes, Change  Rooms, Tight areas.
Over 25 years installing showers, custom made, kit form, flexible sizes.
1 - 2 weeks lead time depending on type of shower.

View our shower screen photo gallery below.
  • Fully Framed Pivot Doors
  • Fully Framed Sliding Doors - Australian Design Award - Clunk Free. click on link to view Choices and Range of Colours.
  • Fixed on Bath and Floor Return Screens.
  • Semi-Framed Pivot Doors - Hinged Doors.
  • Full Opening Shower Screens.

  • Features & Benefits:
  • Full opening doors, suited for small openings, back of door will not clash with taps, wheel chair access, sill-less, headless, headless and sill-less, door opens past 90 degrees, up to 1000mm wide openings, minimal clearance under doors.
  • Optima Screens: Flexible Sizes - click on the link to the optima site to view range.
  • Bath Screens - Full Framed - Semi-Framed - Frameless - 6,8,10mm. Bi Fold.
  • Click on image to view larger size.
Optima semiframed shower screen

Shower screens

Shower frames

Double door showers

Enclosed bath showers